Friday, 11 December 2009

D.I.Y Project

Here are my rough workings for my D.I.Y project in which I am illustrating a short story, Jeremy Dyson's 'Love in the time of Molyneux'.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Day in the Life

I was given the brief "A day in the life" and was meant to create an image, or series of images, that describe a day in the life of a contemporary person. However I didn't really like this and instead decided to illustrate a short story.

The Perfect Ten

These are the images I have create in response to the brief "The Perfect Ten", in which we were asked to look into how the media has effected our views of beauty. I started of by looking at traditional images of beauty such as pin up girls from the 60's and how influential these images were, from this starting point I chose to look at more non-traditional appreciations of beauty. It was a week long project so there was little time for development in the work.

Print is Dead Project

Here are the main pieces I have created from my university brief print is dead, in which I was challenged to develop a new context in which my illustrations could be used. I have designed a pattern that I intend to make repeat on a large scale, I have put the pattern onto fabric as it illustrates my intentions to work on a large scale but it could be used on any surface.

Here are the original pen drawing which I have created my designs from.

These are the images when screen printed onto fabric...

...and the different colours and fabrics i screen printed onto.